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Grass fed Naturally....


Our 100% grass fed beef and lamb are naturally corn & soy free and they are rotationally grazed on fresh pasture from May through November and fed our naturally grown hay and natural minerals.


Our pastured pork and poultry are also corn & soy free (grains feed include barley, oats, peas and flax). They are grown on pasture and supplemented with our own naturally grown hay, vegetables and natural minerals.



Since grass fed meat is often lean and contains only natural fats, it is healthy and full of flavour.

Grass fed beef & lamb, and pastured pork & poultry are more nutritious compared to most beef, lamb, and pork, and is significantly higher in:


 Omega-3 fatty acids

 CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)

 Vitamin E (up to 4 times higher)

 Beta Carotene

 Vitamins A & D






















Grass fed farming protects our ground water as natural fertility is spread naturally on our farm,

thus rebuilding soil structure and retaining soil nutrients.