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What Our Customers Are Saying



We have been Twin Creeks Farm customers for about nine months now, and have just completed our first six months as part of the meat CSA, and we wanted to write and let you know how thrilled we are.

We’ve been trying to eat ethically and healthily for a number of years now (organic, drug-free, free range, etc.), but after reading Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma last year we were eager to find an Ontario farm that practices what Pollan calls ‘stacked farming’.

It made so much sense to us –  In an industrial scale chicken operation, chicken waste is a toxic by-product that needs to be disposed of:  In a small-scale stacked farm, chicken waste is one of the organic materials that grows healthy grass that the cows can feed on.  And so on.  The entire farm becomes a healthy eco-system that mimics nature, creating healthier plants, healthier animals, and almost no waste.  Brilliant.  

A few minutes on the internet and we learned that people in Ontario call this way of farming ‘Beyond Organic’.  A few more minutes led us to Twin Creeks Farm’s website.  We found our way to your (Twin Creeks’) closest farmers’ market, and for a couple of months sampled your wares.  We were consistently impressed, and last September took a full share in the meat CSA.

We’ve been thrilled with what we’ve received.  The meat is delicious, we know it’s drug-free and ethically raised, and we think we’re getting excellent value for our money.  We’re definitely signing on for a second round in the CSA, and wish your family continued success in this great endeavour.

Bob, Nancy, Bayly, Pat and Ted.- Oakville



"I have to tell you your pork I ate tonight was superb.  I have eaten in some of the finest restaurants in the US and Europe and have prepared a lot of meat during my career as a chef.  Your pork is really up there with some of the finest.  We feel fortunate to be able to enjoy such fabulous local food that is grown to the healthy standards we are constantly searching for.  It is such a bonus that it is fabulously tasting, too."

Ed, Dawn and Evelyn - Toronto




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