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Vegetable Shares


What is a Share?  


The purpose of our vegetable shares is to provide a weekly high quality supply of fresh, in season, naturally and organically grown vegetables to you during our summer and fall months.


      Our vegetables share usually begins the 3rd week of June and runs until the end of October for a total of 20 weeks of fresh vegetables.  Each week you receive a range of vegetables which will change as the season progresses.  


*for pricing and pick up locations see links below


 Standard Share

approx. 1/2 bushel of vegetables

enough to feed 2 adults and 2-3 children

Small Share

  approx. 1/4 bushel of vegetables  

enough to feed 1- 2 adults



A Small share in August may Include....

(amounts/weights are approximate only):

1lb - Red Potatoes

100g - Spicy Greens

2 medium – Cucumbers

1 bunch – Golden Beets

1lb – Carrots

1lb – French Beans

1 bunch – Green Onions

.5 lb – Cherry Tomatoes

2 medium - Zucchini





How It Works


  • Sign up early to reserve and guarantee your share (usually before April 1st)

  • Final deadline is June 1st as space permits

  • Before the season begins, we will notify you by phone or email to confirm pick-up day/time and location                                                                        

  • Beginning the third week of June come to our farm or drop-off location every week to pick-up your fresh vegetables

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