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Twin Creeks Farm and Garden

Twin Creeks Organic Farm & Garden is proud to offer "Certified Naturally Grown" meats and vegetables
We consider our farm & products to be "Beyond Organic"

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This is our 8th season selling naturally, sustainably, and organically grown vegetables, our 6th season certified naturally grown. Once again we are offering our seasonal Vegetable CSA from our farm and our produce at local farmer’s markets.

Our vegetables are grown on 5 acres as we continue to grow a diverse range of high quality and nutritious produce using organic and sustainable growing methods. By rotating crops and livestock, adding compost and plant matter, applying natural soil amendments such as lime, greensand, peat, kelp, and mulch, etc. our soil is improved each year, also with the increasing amounts of earthworms and beneficial microbes.

Our organic vegetables include a diverse range of mainly ‘heirloom’ varieties including lettuce/greens, peas, spinach, radish, beans, beets, carrots, green onions, potatoes, swiss chard, zucchini, pak choy, summer squash, cucumbers, dill, tomatoes, basil, sweet corn, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, parsnips, onions, leek, turnips, winter squash, kale, brussel sprouts, pumpkins, and melons.



Why Organic and Local?

  • Support small farmers and local economy
  • Know how and where your food is grown
  • Better taste/flavour
  • More nutrition (vitamins/minerals)

Vegetable CSA

(Community Supported Agriculture)

For more information about our Vegetable CSA program Click Here


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